Do not underestimate the magic that surrounds you. Not the mumbo-jumbo, but the real magic!

When was the last time you felt as though things were going your way? Sometimes I forget to believe that beautiful things can happen, when I dare to take a chance and trust that the results will come. Recently I learnt a huge lesson in trust. I realised quite keenly that I had been working hard for results, working very hard and pushing for stuff to happen. I always enjoy having a focus and a plan, and that works for me, I get stuff done. But, the feeling that had been evading me for some time was of ‘being in flow’.

I often feel that only I can generate results for myself, and that if I am not in action or doing mode, then I won’t get the results that I have imagined for myself. But actually that IS TRUE; when I do push on, work hard, keep on going etc etc, I get my PREDICTED results, nothing more or less. I use a lot of energy to get there and I am prone to burn out.

I plan, do, do, do, burn out.

What I have learnt is that when I create from a place of natural energetic flow; of giving AND receiving, UNPREDICTABLE things happen. For a self confessed control freak, that can be unnerving!

I have noticed though that I get even more than I had dared to anticipate.

I want to share with you an example, so you know how to recognise flow when it happens to you. We have just been in Devon as we are planning to move there. One night after our daughter went to bed, my husband and I sat to discuss our plan for moving. We have loved the coast and the river and the hills, some towns and some villages, I went into planning fright! I wanted to know what we were doing, how he would find work, where we would live. What we should do first….ahhhh! I felt agitated and frustrated with our lack of focus and may lack of plan to DO something about creating our future. Then I noticed what I was doing. I was pushing too hard. We were down there to get a feel of the place and to seek out opportunities, but I was trying to pin an answer down in no time at all. We chose to be in receiving mode the next day, to see what would happen. My husband is great and is totally up for my wacky schemes, in fact he positively encourages them. The next day we had booked to go for lunch. Sat next to us at lunch, on a shared table was the manager of the local co-op of organic growers in South Devon, the equivalent of the co-op my husband is part of here in Manchester. What are the chances? She was really interested in Alan’s experience. We had fun, a lovely chat and they exchanged numbers. Then we chose to take a scenic route home, I noticed on the map that we were close to Bigbury on Sea and the tidal causeway of Burgh Island. We arrived just as the waves were about to part and we walked over. It was such brilliant timing. We sat at The Pilchard Inn and played on the sand. I took a deep breath, watched the sunlight dance on the sea and took in the day. In that 24 hours I realised that if I am open to them, moments of syncronicity will present themselves.

So, I know that it takes a form of trust or faith in things happening for you, that are outside of your control. But as I have heard said before:

‘If you don’t get in the corridor, you won’t even know which doors are opening for you.’

Meaning, put yourself out there and then LOOK for the opportunities, open your eyes. So much of the time, all it takes is a mindset shift for great things to start happening in your life. It is a mindset that can be cultivated, you are not born with it. This mindset makes you much more likely to have luck, serendipity, flow, coincidences, or whatever you like to call them, happen in your life. It is called being open, honest and authentic.


How can I be authentic today?______________________

With whom would I like to be honest?______________________

How can I open my heart to the world, even further?______________________

How would it feel to always, and I mean always be authentic?______________________

What do I need to do today to trust?______________________

How can I receive today?______________________


* The photo is from Corin, thank you. To remind me to trust that I will find a way to fulfill my dreams too. All I need to do is sail my soul. xx