A life changer. Time, space and clarity- so hard to find in everyday life! I now recognise my behaviours and have learn how to use them best rather than just policing them. It is easy to not know or forget how powerful women are, and that I can be a powerful person. The retreat also gave me real practical solutions and doesn’t just pontificate. Not just pie in the sky, it’s cake on your plate.

Esther Routledge, Customer Services Advisor. Manchester.


I have gained a new sense of purpose and deep friendship. The Hebden Retreat is a life-enhancing, cathartic, refreshing Alka-Seltzer for the soul!

Sophie, Gardener. Manchester.


A safe and supportive environment. I have gained a great deal of insight and experience. I have discovered many new concepts and tools to use. Gorgeous venue and the food was absolutely lovely. It was a completely new experience and the more open you are the more you get out.

Cathryn. Cheshire.


Powerful. Like being led along a tricky journey and giving you the ability to see the amazing things along your path. A safe environment and full of love. Beth is perfectly right for every situation; open, honest, raw, real and beautiful.

Kerry Bertram.


The Hebden Retreat is an opportunity to grow and give yourself support and insights that are more prophetic coming from many brains and hearts of a group. The retreat venue is spacious with a warm and comfortable feeling. I enjoyed being prepared nutritious healthy and tasty feed that is different from what I normally feed myself. Caron is fun, expressive and joyful. Beth is determined, joyful and capable.

Katharine, Manchester.


It’s been great to be in a safe space with other like-minded people. I have gained a stronger feeling and sense of myself, plus a seeing and knowing of how things really are. That the answers really are already there within me. The food was absolutely delicious! Beth is great, fantastic, lovely, inspiring, and genuine. She has a real passion for what she does and has created am amzing space for people to learn how to shine. Thank you.

Sophie Barraclough. Wellbeing Facilitator. Holmfirth.