The Retreat was life-changing! It had an authentic, cool, down to earth approach. It was safe, fun, energising, emotional and stimulating. It was nice to share a room. It was nice to have private chats and to sleep in the same room was comforting. I gained hope, love, self-belief. Belief that all women will save the earth. I just felt the warmth and open heartedness of everyone and that helped me to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I also had an insight into the fascinating lives of other women which was invaluable. It was emotionally intense, however when I did feel like this I was really well supported. The food was absolutely amazing! What an experience!¬†Beth was calming, gentle, loving, articulate, empathic, vulnerable, beautiful. I could go on and on ūüôā I felt Beth created a good sense of balance between the emotionally intense moments and damn good fun/ belly laughs!

Kirstie, Manchester


¬†The retreat was inspirational, supportive, warm, safe. I found my inner child, my strength and drive. I feel like I’ve really been nurtured. Beth was open and inspiring, strong and in control, but not controlling She was there exactly when I needed her. Sharing a room was surprisingly good. It felt supportive though I was worried about it at first.

Donna, North Wales


I gained so much! I wanted clarity and confidence for the next stage of my life and I got that. It’s helped me to feel like I’m in the right place and also feeling like I know what to do (feel) to get me to the place I want to be. Food was delicious. I’d maybe have liked more days as it was a packed schedule, but still it was perfect. Beth is amazing, inspiring and powerful, really engrossing to listen to and perceptive. ¬†It was a relaxed and supportive environment, that is totally transformational.

Lisa, Manchester


Girl power weekend! Lots of learning, food and good fun. Freedom of speech and to be yourself, without judgement (no right or wrong). Loved the venue, very home-like and comfortable. I wanted time to focus on me and what I want from life, and have the space to do it. What did I gain? Leading from the heart instead of the head; inspiration from everyone in the group; revealing that my limiting beliefs are so common; toolkit to take away and use whenever I need to; fun and laughter. Beth is so engaging, smart, kind and caring. It was wonderful seeing Beth share herself with the group. This was a big part of making us feel comfortable, welcome and at home. I tend to post things on the Facebook page that remind me of our time together. If I come across anything inspiring/motivating then I share it. I also love hearing about what everyone else is up. The photos from our retreat bring a big smile to my face instantly and sometimes a fit of giggles (!!). Great memories!! It gives me great comfort to know that all of you amazing women are there for me if I needed your support! Heart warming stuff :)))

Amera, London


People have been staring at me on the tube. Everyone says I’m glowing. My insides are shining out.¬†Where do I start??!! An inspirational weekend that was fun, informative and mind-altering. It touched ALL the senses! Opportunity to be vulnerable and push my boundaries is a safe environment of friends and fellow Goddess Warriors on an amazing path. I’m not alone. Fabulous warm, spacious, safe, simple venue with great access to the outdoors. Beth is very authentic, genuine and knows her shit. ūüôā Caring and had time for me. One of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Amarjot, West London


It has been much more – to use the lingo (!) – transformative than I imagined. I gained some real insights and energy to get my shit together. Also gained some friends! It was a lovely weekend, a chance to take time for yourself, to plug in and find out, and take stock of where you are in safety.

Beth it has been great to see you in action, being very much yourself, doing your thing and letting us do ours. I have a a deeper respect for you now.

Sam, Manchester


It was enlivening, real, sacred time, (re)treat, girding. The retreat was a pathway to greater honesty, a safe space to explore fears with fellow-feeling female solidarity. I got recognition and inspiration from a gaggle of unique, amazing women. I have renewed vigour and I definitely need to pursue the seeds that were sown!

Charlie, Manchester


The retreat was amaze balls!! The venue was perfect! I gained a renewed sense of self, love and respect for the women, inspiration and confidence. Loved the food Рthought it was very good to go raw and create the large movements both physically and encourage mental shift. Beth is a born coach, a natural leader. She wills everyone to give and find their best and she creates a safe space for this to happen.

Aleyna, Suffolk


The retreat was full of great women, amazing journeys, support and awesome food! Hebden is so beautiful, the place feels very calming. I got loads of support for what I want to do, audacity and connections and friends. I love Beth, she is warm, very open and good listener. 

Niki, Manchester


The retreat encompassed what I was looking for. I gained more than I could have imagined: inspiration and motivation to go forward with my dreams and hope and belief that I can do this. The food was scrummy and filling, amazing energy and colour. Beth is caring, intelligent, motivational and genuine.  Inspirational and safe, the retreat helps unlock potential.

Gail, Manchester


Oh my god where do I begin!?! Great friends and support network, clarity, inspiration, courage and strength. Confidence to be me. I really feel that I have let go of lots of things this weekend. I got exactly what I needed. I came thinking I needed something else, but actually as soon as I arrived, I knew what I needed intuitively and got it! A warm, supportive, inspiring space where magic and transformation takes place!¬†Really enjoyable good food. I’ve felt the benefit of it in my body. The thought and love that went into the food came across and made me feel special.¬†Beth, I love you so much! You are a natural leader, coach, motivator and counsellor. You inspire me.

Suzie, Manchester