Experiencing shame can keep us quiet, hidden from others.

Next time you are priviledged to hear someone sharing their own shame story, open up to a deeper sense of connection with them.

Create the opportunity to transmute your own fear and isolation, to a deeper acceptance of your collective humanity.



Just imagine what a whole weekend of being heard, would do for your soul?

3 days of seeing the huge incredible expansiveness of yourself and the dark shadowy bits too.

3 days of expressing yourself, experiencing your humanity, and seeing yourself in others; creating a sense of freedom in your heart.

Together with the opportunity to deepen that connection with a group of women over the following 6 months.


I work very hard to create an immediately safe space for my clients.

Life coaching for me isn’t just goal setting and actions, it’s remembering that fear comes from our illusion of separateness.

Coaching for me is like ‘coming home’ to our real home, inside ourselves.


That’s why I created The Hebden Retreat  twelve women, one weekend. Is this your year?