Who says being happy is selfish? Spending time consciously considering what will make you happy and going for it, is one of the best things that you can do for others around you. It has a knock on effect. Calm, joyful, charismatic people are like magnets attracting people to them; it’s the domino joy-effect.

People who consider themselves to be self expressed and living their lives fully are not the grumpy people sitting in the corner complaining about life.

Think about when you are in a good mood, you have a smile on your face, and no matter what the weather is doing, you are shining inside. Do you feel more compassion towards your fellow humans at this time? Do you feel you want to bring a smile to others’ faces? Do you want to share your joy with others? Yes!

Each of us are responsible for what we contribute to the world, look at what you are doing right now, RIGHT NOW! Are you enjoying what you are doing? Is there is something else that you would rather be doing? If so, get on and do, or make steps towards it.

It starts with the tiniest acts. I was sat on a bench reading an article in a magazine waiting for my train to Edinburgh to see great friends on Friday and the article asked me ‘Are you enjoying what you are doing?’ On the surface I thought yes, I’m having a weekend away, what could be better? Then I asked myself again and noticed how my body was feeling? I realised that I didn’t want to be sitting down. I had a 4 hour journey, alot of sitting down, ahead of me.¬† I’d been so bothered about dashing to grab a seat in the waiting area, that I didn’t even consciously think whether or not I actually wanted to sit! Plus I’m a strong person-I didn’t know if in the standing crowd around me if there were someone else that needed the seat more.

Well I gave up my seat, willingly and stood up and waited. My seat was then immediately filled by someone else and I realised in that very simple act that mindfulness, being in the present, asking myself¬† ‘Am I enjoying this…is this what I want to be doing?’ is a question I want to ask myself more often. So simple.