“When I first made contact with Beth I knew I was stuck. There was one day when I was literally stuck to the chair unable to move, paralysed by enormous feelings of overwhelm. My default response to anything outside my very small comfort zone had become No, I had a near constant stomach ache, I was tearful and often full of fury!  Beth’s gentle and insightful coaching has turned my life around completely. When we talk, she listens. She really hears me and will then ask the most insightful questions. In considering and answering these questions I have smashed through many limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware I had. Every area of my life has benefited from my work with Beth. Family relationships, my career, my friends and my relationship with money, but probably most importantly I’ve started to champion myself. All of this adding up to feeling we all search for – happiness. My coaching journey with Beth didn’t start with ‘what do you want?’ it was ‘how do you want to feel?’  and this has been a powerful question to return to for big decisions and small ones too.  I’m not blissed out everyday, life is challenging but  by questioning, giving support and suggesting real strategies Beth has enabled me to find my own joy and achieve things I thought were way beyond my reach. I sometimes think of time before I met Beth as ‘BB’  – ‘Before Beth’. In this past year I created my own solo theatre show and then we moved to Los Angeles  and ‘BB’ me would definitely not have done that! You needn’t have any doubt that working with Beth will change your life for the better, she is an incredible coach, an incredible human being.” Heather, London & LA


“Beth is an incredibly skilled and intuitive coach. The way she reflects your own thoughts back to you is scarily to the point and the truth you knew and really didn’t want to hear. She is the best for accountability and kicking you into action when all you want to do is hide under the analysis paralysis blanket. No chance with Beth. She is also such a deep listener that she hears things in what you say you didn’t even know were there but she has never failed to be spot on with her analysis. I love working with Beth and do so on an ongoing basis, because she is one of the best in this industry!”Jana Hendrickson. Career Coach. www.janahendrickson.com

“I came to coaching when I was going through a period of change and I wanted to be able to work with someone external to my situation,  who could offer a space to explore my options. 
When I saw Beth’s website I reached out and after the first introductory call I knew we would work well together. I wanted to progress in my career and alleviate the feeling of “being stuck” with what I was doing and start making well informed decisions. 
Throughout the sessions I started to see progress in all areas from Career, to my overall health and wellbeing to my relationship with finances.
Beth’s humour and understanding worked really well for me. There was a great sense of balance with our sessions, both getting things done and feeling heard. I looked forward to updating Beth on the progress made between sessions and the accountability element of coaching worked really well for me. I felt supported both within the session and during sessions.
Within the last three months of working with Beth, I have followed through with my goals and made more decisions than I have made in the preceding 18 months. She helped me realise my values and what was getting in the way of me making steps forward. This has resulted in me signing up to a new course and accepting a new job. I am very grateful that I got to work with Beth and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a warm, kind and genuinely supportive coach.”     Amy, London
“I was ‘stuck’ in teaching, feeling really unhappy, frustrated and trapped.  What I found really helpful about Beth’s approach was the way that she asked just the right questions to help me to think about my situation in a new way and helped me to see possibilities and practical solutions rather than obstacles.  It feels intimidating to open up to a complete stranger but her warmth, compassion and sense of fun really put me at ease. As a result of the coaching, I decided to take a year out of teaching to study for a Masters and in the course of that year I made the decision not to return to teaching.  At the moment I’m working on my dissertation and will be starting a new job next week! I do want to say a big thank you to Beth, as she was instrumental in getting me to a point where I could feel excited about my future and all its possibilities!  I’ve had such a rewarding year working for my MA and am really looking forward to my new role.”   Suzanne, Manchester
“Openly and honestly, Beth gives clarity on often bemusing scenarios that if I left unattended could stifle creativity and personal growth. Beth has a wealth of personal experiences that allow her to reflect with empathy and guidance, she can skilfully steer any situation I have thrown at her thus far; with simplicity and honesty shining through. Beth manages to create a space that facilitates privacy with personality, often leading to laughter and defusing previously troublesome thoughts. Beth beats any course or book, hands down.” Ed, Cambs

“Before I started coaching with Beth I felt I was treading water at work, lacking any clarity on what I really wanted to do. I also felt so very constrained in how I lived my life; both what I did and how I behaved. I constantly compared myself to other people and my own expectations, and I had so much noise in my head (that I didn’t realise at the time) that I felt tangled up in all my thoughts.Beth is this ultimate de-tangler. Over our time together we made so many breakthroughs, gaining greater clarity in many aspects of my life. I felt like I discovered what I really knew I’d cared about all along and how I could really be me without letting all the silly self-limiting stuff getting in the way. I really got back in touch with feeling fully alive and the joy that that brings for me and all those around me.Beth is truly wonderful. A bright, shiny person who just radiates warmth, generosity and understanding. She has extraordinary skills as a coach, all of which the other testimonies accurately capture. I have enjoyed spending time with her no end and I just feel so lucky to have had this whole experience together. If you have any fogginess in your life, picking up the phone to Beth isn’t a bad first step.”    Rob, Devon

“I started working with Beth in March 2015… Prior to this I had been travelling around south east Asia and Australia and had returned home to support my mother after the passing of my step father, 6 months later my boyfriends father passed away suddenly and 6 months after that my boyfriend left me.  In all, it had been a challenging time and had left me feeling drained, lost and unenthusiastic for the future.  I had spent so much time and energy focusing on others I somehow lost myself in the process and on first meeting Beth expressed a desire to feel myself again. Beth Creedon is an exceptionally talented coach as well as a naturally warm and enlightening human being.  From the first session I felt comfortable and she created a safe space in which I could be open and explore.  Beth’s approach to coaching is person centered and I was able to set my own goals and focus for sessions; however her careful questioning, guidance and intuitive perception helped me to delve deeper into underlying emotions and reassess preconceived and at times self limiting thoughts. The growth I have achieved in my time working with Beth has been incredible, she has provided me with tools and strategies to coach myself so that I can seize every opportunity and live the life I choose.  The positivity I have gained from this experience has transformed my life and left me happier, stronger, healthier and sparkly.  I am grateful for this opportunity of growth and filled with excitement about the limitless opportunities that lay ahead of me. Everything is a choice.”  Corin, Manchester


“I found Beth during a period of self-reflection, when I was asking myself some big questions and looking to find my way again after feeling that I’d gotten a little lost. From the moment that we spoke on the phone, to meeting up to find out more about coaching, Beth quickly made me feel completely relaxed. She personified human kindness, and showed that she genuinely understood me and saw me for who I was. This is a great place to start coaching from.Being coached by Beth was inspiring, motivating, surprising, exciting, playful, energising, revealing, and most of all, great fun! My journey took me in directions that I could never have expected and with Beth’s encouragement, I continue to challenge and push myself to live and experience the life that I find truly fulfilling. The best part of the experience is that your journey doesn’t end with the coaching, and that was the most valuable gift I received from Beth. You continue to challenge yourself to break through any limiting beliefs that you have and the rewards are limited only by the power of your imagination. What would you truly choose to do today if you knew you couldn’t fail? Contacting Beth is one of the best decisions that I ever made, and connecting with her has enriched my life endlessly. She is a gift to the world and I’d whole heartedly encourage you to try coaching with her. Beth is a highly skilled and experienced coach, and having met a number of coaches through my own personal exploration, I can tell you that she’s definitely a leader in her field. I offer my highest recommendation to Beth and the coaching she offers, as both are quite wonderful.”     Nick, Manchester

“I contacted Beth as I wanted clarity on where to go next in my life…
Beth’s words were some of the guiding forces that moved me out of a grey space and into a really great one, where I am living an indescribably fuller life. Loved the mix of different philosophies that Beth would offer to draw from and send follow up links too. I felt in safe, smart, thoughtful and when necessary, constructively critical / probing hands (the last bit I especially appreciated)” Katy, Cambs


“I chose Beth because I wanted to work with a professional coach who would share my values and help me to take my life in the direction I wanted. I got the feeling that Beth knew what was important in life. I went with my gut in choosing her to be my coach and once again instinct knows best! Beth is open and caring, there was no judgement, just encouragement, some straight talking and subtle techniques to help change my mindset. If you get a good feeling about Beth then go with it, and don’t hesitate to book her.Looking over the whole journey (so far) I realise how anxious I was, how guilty I felt about a lot of things when I first met Beth. I now feel much freer but also more responsible for myself, my actions and my choices. I am now able to enjoy relationships that I previously found difficult and disappointing. I used to spend a lot of time and energy trying to second-guess what people thought of me and attempting to manage their perceptions. Working with Beth has helped me realise that’s it’s OK to be me, by not letting my hide and by not judging me when I did admit my true fears and aspirations. It was a emboldening experience to realise that I am neither good nor bad and has given me the confidence to make the choices that are right for me and my family.”  Angela, Manchester


“I contacted Beth as I was unhappy in my job / career and I was struggling to know what path to take next.  Beth is an extremely personable, warm and open person. This makes it very easy for you to feel relaxed in her company and you immediately find yourself opening up. She was able to make me see that the answer was already staring me in the face and perhaps more importantly she gave me techniques to help me minimise my current negative thought patterns. Beth was able to really bring positivity and energy out of me and make me believe that you can have everything you want out of life, the only person stopping you is you.  I would very much recommend Beth.”  Sharon, Manchester


“I wouldn’t have believed it at first, but within six months of meeting Beth I had achieved my most important goal and I’m well on the way to realising the rest. I went to see Beth because I felt confused and stuck, unable to achieve things I wanted in my career and personal life, and confused as to why. Not having the tools at my disposal to change my ways of thinking and acting were holding me back from achieving all that I knew, deep down inside, I was capable of. Beth helped me to acknowledge my goals and put a plan in motion towards achieving them. I was furnished with a set of  tools that I could use every day to combat my lack of confidence and self defeating thoughts and tendencies.Beth is very practical and understanding. Simply put, she can get to the root of a problem, and it is often this realisation that will help you find a solution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beth as a life coach.”  Orla, Manchester


“After completing my four months of work with Beth, I told her I felt all aspects of my life had had a good shake up, and that there could be no more ‘watching from the sidelines’ in my life. The process had shown my life to me in a way that the many changes I needed to bring about were obvious. Much of the work had been on old familiar territory, where the greatest degree of stuckness lay. Beth has a way – or many – of dissolving stuckness – convincing you there are ways through. She is fantastically good at support and encouragement, showing great patience, insight and understanding. It also feels like a partnership. You feel guided, often challenged, to look at all the areas of your life that are the reasons you are there. It’s a really strengthening process. It’s also a structured process, which feels purposeful and dynamic. It generates great energy, optimism and excitement – all my friends and family noticed this! There is warmth and laughter too.Beth makes it easy to be open and honest, and most importantly, she makes you feel accountable – vital if you are to continue the process of change on your own. It requires taking responsibility for your life and your decisions, realising that everything we do – or don’t do – has consequences. The smaller things seemed able to be changed easily. The big things, for me, are ongoing, but motivation and methods for tackling them were gained through the coaching. One year on from my beginnings with Beth, the notes, homework tasks and processes are still the resources I draw on in order to keep the work alive.Most important of all perhaps, Beth offers a space to reflect on the consequences of not making the changes you want, and this is effective in getting the ball rolling. Never have I so clearly understood that there is only one go at this life.”  Brigitte, Manchester.

“It’s with true sincerity that I hope I can convey what a truly remarkable sense of composure that Beth gave me not only over my overbearing surroundings, but to me more importantly, myself. Both with excellent, coherent technique and simple reassuring company, I found my sessions an almost immeasurable help. It’s a difficult thing to write a testimonial about somebody who you have such admiration and gratitude for without sounding insincere but I truly could not recommend the service Beth offers more highly. Finding the motivation and strength inside myself that lead me to share the more personal elements of my life was a problematic task for me initially; however crossing this initial hurdle with the help of Beth has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. She’s an outstanding professional but primarily a kind, understanding and genuine person. I can’t imagine a better person at doing what she does. It was such a wonderful thing knowing that there is people like her around and she made me believe the ‘magic’ I seek can be found.”  Jack, Photographer

“Before I met Beth I felt lost and confused, and didn’t really know where I was going in life. After months of frustration and angst I decided to do something about it, and got in touch with Beth after hearing about life coaching through a friend. I hoped she’d be the answer I was looking for and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made. Beth is a fantastic coach and really took the time and patience to understand my situation and how to help. After going through a tough 6 months, she provided guidance and structure to how I could visualise my goals and actually achieve them. I managed to do things I didn’t think were possible, and now I finally feel in control of my life and excited about the future. I’d like to say a huge thanks to Beth for everything, and would urge anyone considering life coaching to definitely go for it!! It really is life changing.”  Jennie, London

“I cannot even begin to describe the profound change that Beth has helped me create in my life in a very short time, and my mindset is fundamentally better for the work we have put in. I looked for a life-coach when I felt I’d hit a crossroads. Too many choices and little focus left my head spinning. That was before I met Beth. Over a few weeks Beth helped me understand what I needed to focus on, but the most important thing I learned was that a lot of the thoughts that had stifled me previously were all of my own making. Together we removed the blockers and now I have some clarity about what I want to do and how I want to do it. Beth doesn’t give you the answers, but she gives you the tools to work it out for yourself. Thank you”   Matt, Manchester

“Beth has been inspirational and her sessions have generated a huge change in my life. On our first session she could see my problems even though I was in denial. She was so patient and guided me at a pace I felt comfortable with.  She was extremely flexible with times. Within a couple of months I could see clearly and my life changed dramatically.  I am happier than I have ever been.  I would recommend her to everyone.  She has a personal quality that is extremely rare, a wealth of knowledge, experience and a natural talent that makes her so brilliant at what she does.  Thank you for everything.”  Emma, Manchester


“I was given a session with Beth as a 30th birthday present by my sisters, after a particularly challenging year. I have always been rather adverse to counselling and have preferred to take positive action, so I was very interested in meeting Beth. The session was much more than I had imagined. I was expecting a rather factual objective and cold process, one where my life was assessed and lists were made. I didn’t expect the session to make me feel buoyant. Which it did. Beth was so warm, and kind. My life was talked about and worried about by me, while Beth calmly and kindly steered me.I never felt stupid or boring for rambling on about things that were confusing me, or I felt were limiting me, I felt listened to, objectively and without judgement. I feel unknotted. I also feel much more focused. I am planning on seeing Beth again, and I imagine the practical help she has offered will increase, as I become more and more focused. I am looking forward to it, and everything that is possible.” Bella, Berlin


“I was quite reluctant about going for some life coaching after getting it bought for me by my sister, I assumed it was some kind of hippy style counselling; in fact I was quite insulted by the present.  I thought I was doing pretty OK managing my life and didn’t think I needed help.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and absolutely no direction or drive, even though I was enjoying  life as much as I felt I could. Immediately after meeting Beth on my first session I realised coaching is absolutely nothing like counselling. I felt completely comfortable with her and was able to open up entirely and honestly. Even after the first session I felt so different, and looked forward to each session more than I could have imagined because of the amazing amounts of positivity that came out of them, as well as just having a great laugh.  Beth has a wonderful energy which put me at ease straight away, as well as an amazing ability to really read what I was saying, especially when my words and energy were contradicting each other. I didn’t want to ‘change’ and I haven’t, but I have completely changed the way I approach and see life and its challenges.  I feel free and excited. Thank you so much again Beth…(and my sister) for the gifts,  it’s been completely life changing!”  Becky Billington. Sale, Cheshire.

Please click on the link to read a guest blog/testimonial by Deanna Thomas.


“Beth has a seemingly instinctive ability to see beyond the words and read the whole energy of your being. She is incredibly astute at picking up on body language, energetic signals and breaking through the barriers we can erect, often very successfully, around our own self imposed limitations. Working with Beth has without doubt changed the course of my life already and has helped me to make connections I couldn’t see, which in turn has really given me a clearer sense of purpose in my goals and aspirations.”  Steph Magenta.


“I was just 46 when I contacted Beth in March 2010 so that we could start working together. I have been involved for over 25 years in personal development (my own, not professionally), and I admit, I was somewhat sceptical about “life coaching”.  Not anymore! We have had a total of 7 one-hour sessions and the impact on my life has been absolutely remarkable.
I found Beth to be always positive and interested, and from her questions I knew that she was listening to everything I was saying (no mean feat).  We achieved a great deal together, even though there were occasions when I hadn’t accomplished all that we had agreed the previous week. On those occasions Beth was quick to acknowledge just how much I had achieved, and often it was just my weird view of myself. I would not hesitate to encourage anybody and in fact everybody to experience life coaching and Beth in particular. (They should use it in schools, godammit.)”   Steve Silverstone, UK


“The experience was totally positive, and helped me focus.  A friend was in a dilemma yesterday about the colour of her paint, and I asked her how she wanted to feel in the room she is decorating, then I realised, that this was a Beth question!  Your coaching has shown me how to think outside the box and to work towards a goal by naming it first and then making the steps towards it.  Thank you Beth!”  Marie Rhodes, Stockport


“Excellent relationship – Beth followed the process and created a great relationship for me to work within. She listened exceptionally well, I responded well to her challenge and felt comfortable and secure in the process. Challenging, enlightening, I have made decisions that I didn’t realise where possible when I first started. It has given me confidence and I have further discovered myself and realised my journey in life is my responsibility and that I have full control over it. A very pleasurable and worthwhile experience that I have learned form enormously. Her use of tools – language, communication etc was exceptional. She is a very talented coach.”  Ann Marie Teed, Manchester


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching. I knew that it related to things in my life and from the preparatory work that Beth recommended it all seemed straight forward. I knew what I was happy with in my life and where I wanted it to go.
The experience was amazing, having Beth’s eyes, ears and attention allowed me to see what I was wanting to do and enabled me to find the way to do it. It was a great opportunity for me to bypass anything that would have prevented me from reaching my goal. Beth was able to (gently) challenge the bits of my life that I didn’t want to look at and I feel all the more stronger for it. Although I thought that I was happy and knew where I was going having the partnership of Beth at a changing time enabled me to see and gain so much more. Thank you Beth” Gus Sevier, Derbyshire


“It is written at the time when I can correctly focus and provide Beth with what she fully deserves by way of recognition. To those that are reading this testimonial you may be doing it out of general interest or like me were searching for answers and guidance. If you are here there is a reason, if you need answers and guidance call upon the help of  Beth and set in place the life you want to have rather than what you think you have to  accept. I was collapsing both inside and externally, my energy was low and completely imbalanced. Confusion about direction and purpose seemed locked in every direction and angle due to my belief systems and filters. I called upon Beth’s help and can say that even the first telephone call and discussion was inspirational. I can remember the first session very well, and what I remember with every time I meet and speak with Beth is her immense radiating energy. You feel guided and positive the minute you see her even before any words are spoken.To talk through what we did over the weeks that follow would extend way beyond the space available for a testimonial. But the work we completed together looked at all of aspects of my life setting off a chain reaction that caused the unconscious mind to guide the conscious mind. The internal chatter box turned from negative to positive and had focus. A reconnection was formed with all angles and balance re formed. It became so clear that the path I had followed in life and continued to do so was wholly inappropriate although it may have been right at that time. Rather than following what I should be doing in life, I was continually allowing external expectation to rule my work and general well being, rather than just being myself. I needed to accept who I was and what I was meant to do whilst I am here on this earth. Then one day the answer arrived, the word itself created all the right feelings and everything about it was right.  “Healing.” I worked through this using the skills shown to me by Beth to find what I could give that would fall within this work and would be compatible with me.It has been an absolute privilege to meet Beth and share part of my life with her.”  Chris, Cumbria.


“Beth is a fantastic life coach, not afraid of asking difficult questions, but always with a genuine care and empathy for her client. With Beth I learnt valuable lessons about focusing on what I want to achieve that I still use today.” Sam Murray-Sutton, Suffolk


“Beth is an inspirational coach with a natural ability. She demonstrates great care & support for her clients. Beth’s clients get amazing results. Working with Beth you will be challenged and stretched but you will go on a journey that will exceed your expectations of yourself and your destination will be far greater than you imagined.”  Alison Foy. Director at Coaching Success For You. www.coachingsuccessforyou.com


“Beth is an intuitive and insightful coach. Her down-to-earth advice is deeply encouraging, always empowering and excellent value for money. Her knowledge and experience will help you to build the vital skills and confidence required to achieve your goals.”Amanda Rigby. Designer-Director at Paper Rhino. www.paperrhino.co.uk


“Beth is an excellent coach and asked me some searching and thought provoking questions. She helped immensely and as a circumstance changed many aspects of not only my professional life but my personal life also. I would highly recommend Beth as a Coach.”Honor Thomson. Driving Instructor. www.automatics4u.co.uk


“Beth is an incredibly skilled and intuitive coach. The way she reflects your own thoughts back to you is scarily to the point and the truth you knew and really didn’t want to hear. She is the best for accountability and kicking you into action when all you want to do is hide under the analysis paralysis blanket. No chance with Beth. She is also such a deep listener that she hears things in what you say you didn’t even know were there but she has never failed to be spot on with her analysis. I love working with Beth and do so on an ongoing basis, because she is one of the best in this industry!”Jana Hendrickson. Career Coach. www.janahendrickson.com


“Beth is a natural coach and one with great energy, commitment and talent.”Zoe Hoppe. Coach Trainer. ACC ICF. www.coachingsuccessforyou.com