How interesting. This is the second draft of this blog piece. The first one I wrote was almost finished, then I pressed a button, before I had saved it, and lost the whole thing. So, instead of giving up I have stayed to complete this job! How fitting.

The initial inspiration for this piece was two sessions with two different clients this week with whom we have discussed perseverance. I am often ready to give up, quit, avoid or procrastinate over tasks that initially I found inspiring, but after a matter of days, or even minutes I have talked myself out of doing them again. There are times when I avoid clearing up a mess that I have been party to creating, whether it be physically, emotionally or environmentally. I notice my pattern of talking around a subject, if I have had a miscommunication with another I might discuss it with anyone but the actual person I need to talk to. Sometimes the clarity we achieve from discussing our thoughts with another, who isn’t involved in the situation, can shed light on your opinions and allow you a clearer more objective perspective, but sometimes just doing all this talking around a subject without any action can just drive you mad! I have chosen the image for today’s post from the Dr Seuss book ‘Oh! The Places You’ll Go’, where the ‘guy’ is “facing up to his (sic) problems whatever they are”, because it is invariably better to approach whatever is bothering you with an honest and compassionate heart, than it is to try and give up, quit or avoid whatever feels hard.

I once heard someone say that a strong relationship isn’t one that is devoid of problems, but one which is comprised of individuals who are willing to communicate with each other openly, with understanding, and willing to be both strong and vulnerable, to get through the hard times. So that is how I choose to make my journey through life, to persevere, even when it feels hard, because they are the times when you learn the good stuff!

So when things feel hard, when you have all of the most reasonable reasons why you don’t need to ‘rock the boat’ today, that you’re just ‘too tired’ to face that thing right now, or that tomorrow you’ll be in a ‘better head space’ to change that old habit to a new one, just notice how often you quit like that. I recommend writing down in advance all the quitting reasons you usually use to convince yourself that you don’t need to change things or resolve issues that you initially felt inspired to change. When you feel like quitting look at the list & you’ll see that old favourite reason looking back at you in black and white. At that point it is up to you. You knew that old reason was coming, do you want to listen to that quitting voice or see what life looks like over the horizon in the place called ‘Thanks for your input quitting voice, but I’m going to do it anyway.’

‘Congratulations today is your day. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away!’ (Dr Seuss)