Are you ready for a challenge?

I challenge you to challenge yourself, without… the struggle!


How about it?

We can create change in our lives without struggle! It is our thoughts that create our suffering.
Our thoughts direct us, so let’s set those thoughts off on a useful path.
It is possible to create change and overcome our self proclaimed ‘obstacles’
without experiencing it as H-A-R-D!

This is how…

Treat our intentions like our lover!

When we keep our intentions creative, light and spontaneous,
we let go of the struggle, the resistance, the ‘ought to…’

There is nothing less appealing than ‘have to.’
Your success in making changes comes from keeping it loving and grateful.
Keeping your intentions open and kind. Be kind to yourself.

When you slip into ‘this is hard’ mode, ask yourself:

‘What do I believe is possible when I follow through on this action, that doesn’t appear possible if I don’t?’

‘What is attractive about this goal?’

‘How can I ‘not suffer’ whilst I do this?’

Your thoughts are running the show!
So, find the thoughts, support and beliefs that reduce your suffering.
Be your word about what you said you wanted.
Clear up your integrity to yourself, no-one else.

Let go of the outcome too!!
We are creating possibilities, not expectations.
When we start with intentions, rather than tight fear-driven expectations
of a particular outcome things get hard! So let go… We can guide your focus towards a particular outcome, but when we lose the playfulness around the journey of getting there, the challenge becomes a struggle! 
Plus, we miss other unexpected opportunities along the way


Get clear about our focus.

Choose a point in the near future.
How about August?
What would you like to be different by August 2020?

So, by the beginning of next year, what would you like to create for yourself?

Let’s begin by framing this well.

It is… What can I create?
(It is not… What do I want?)

It is… What is possible?
(It is not… What must I do?)

Hold our intentions lightly.
With expectations, come disappointments, guilt and shoulds.

Get clear about your intention.
Write it in the present tense, state what you wish to create
and name the way you are going to do it…
Such as-
I am creating a beautiful, clean and organised home
with ease and comfort


“I am creating____________

with_______and ________”


Remember our ability to sustain a challenge comes from our ability
to feel good about it, even when we don’t ‘feel’ like it!
So, no beating ourselves up.

Photo: S Barraclough