Jesper Launder is a herbalist and wild food Expert, with a capital ‘E’!

His nationally renouned knowledge and enthusiasm will blow you away.

He is pretty much the only male you shall experience over the weekend too, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to add to the buzzing female group energy at this point over the retreat weekend.

walkingupthehillYou will learn how to differentiate between some edible, poisonous and medicinal mushrooms.
On Saturday morning we will have an opportunity to meet a good selection of our native wild mushrooms.
You will be introduced to the main identification features of the key mushroom families, and learn which are the safest groupings of mushrooms for edibility.
By the end of the forage you should be clear about important identification features, and be able to safely identify a number of the edible and medicinal species that we find. 
We will spend the whole morning in the woods, and then we will eat what we have foraged together.