So, I have been looking at my beautiful, colourful bedroom curtains, lovingly lined with blackout fabric by a friend. I have been looking at them every night when I got into bed. On one of them I had reattached the hooks that bring the fabric into a pleat, on the other I hadn’t got around to it… for months!
Last Monday I looked at that curtain & I realised that when I entered every room in my home there were lots of little jobs that I saw needed to be done and they were the same jobs that I thought I didn’t have the time to do, there were more pressing tasks and these weren’t a priority, however, I felt a niggle every time I saw them.
It came to a head this week. My husband brought up the fact that he was feeling anxious about all the little jobs that need doing round the house… I told him that they aren’t that important. Then I realised that I felt unsettled by looking at the wonky curtain, the unpainted window frame, the unruly back garden lawn, the door hanging off its hinge, the bag of clothes ready for the charity shop, the list goes on… for a whole page of A4. When would we find the time?
That day, the task of writing the list down was cathartic in itself. I felt I’d made progress. It was no longer swimming around in my head, feeling insurmountable in its enormity! So funny how the cumulative effect of a list of even small tasks can feel overwhelming and stop you in your tracks.
During my daughter’s afternoon nap I went into our bedroom, took down the curtain, attached the pleat hooks and rehung them. It had taken 15 minutes!! FIFTEEN MINUTES. Wow. That felt great. I was on a roll. I went downstairs painted the patches in our living room, (toddler- still asleep-took the monitor outside), started digging up the enormous dock plants in the garden with their very long roots. I did that for 30 minutes and had done half the garden. I even had time for a sit down and a sip of tea before my daughter woke up!

I have refined my list- there are now different sections.

-Tasks I have the tools to do and can get on with straight away.

-DIY shopping list (so I will go and buy hooks, shelving brackets, brushes, etc and complete a few jobs in one go- an efficient use of time!)

-Things I need to order/buy

-Things I need to return, having borrowed them

-Things to sell

-Things to give away

Now the list is on the fridge and I have been completing one task a day. Not over facing myself, but in just over three weeks time that list will have all been ticked off. Some of the things are fun and things that I have felt inspired to purchase, like an analogue alarm clock instead of having my mobile phone next to my bed at night, but I have just not got around to doing them.

I imagine that other things will take their place, but I shall endeavour to get around to each new task sooner now it will be written down, knowing I shall get to it in good time at a steady pace, rather than leaving it for months and then feeling bad about it.

Spring cleaning inside and out. Dusting out the recurring negative thoughts and buffing up the thoughts and actions I love.

-The photo is of Antarctic Explorer robert-falcon-scott-writing-den-terra-nova-hut_11861_600x450Captain Robert Falcon Scott- writing a list of all the little jobs he needed to do! (National Geographic)