Now I love getting stuff done. I love taking action and making a difference.

Sometimes though, things don’t quite work out how I imagined.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you sometimes get excited, make a plan, take some action & then feel disappointed?

I know how I feel when that happens:

Frustrated, not good enough, a failure, sad, angry and resigned. I feel like giving up and hiding away. I feel like I need a little bit of time to lick my wounds. Then I take a step back from my emotions to see what actually happened.

I can get caught up in my plan and get very attached to the results that I want to create. I know that when I do that, an expectation builds inside of me. I expect to get a certain result.

I get into a pattern of telling myself that I should such and such a thing. That I must achieve such and such a thing, and that only in gaining these things will I then be successful. These kind of thoughts create in me a sense of unrest, disquiet and dissatisfaction. I feel I am lacking something, I feel useless and incomplete.

Over the years I have made many plans to achieve things, those plans have often not gone the exact way that I had intended. Not happened as quickly as I would have liked, or turned out differently, or not happened at all. So, what can we do with the feelings that arise when things don’t go to plan?

It is totally OK to desire something and truly go for it, but I have notice that if I consciously choose to let go of expecting to get a specific result from my action, I feel a great sense of relief. It is much harder for myself to experience disappointment.

Also, in hindsight, more often than not, the ‘wrong’ outcome turns out to be an even better result than I had ever envisaged.

Dr Wayne Dyer in his film The Shift explains how this can be achieved. A shift in our thinking is how we can deliver ourselves from suffering and disappointment.

“Live from your authentic self, rather than from your EGO self. Move into meaning. Ambition with meaning, ambition transforms into purpose. You have to learn to become the observer, to step back. You begin to live in your process. Detach from the outcome and that detachment allows you to be no longer fighting. It allows things to just come to you. You are allowing them to show up. We aren’t here to push, we are here to enjoy life.” -Dr Wayne Dyer

Trust in the process of life, chill out!

This is not about wearing a hair shirt, but about playing full out and sharing all of our self with the world, unconditionally.

Go and have fun. Plan big. Take action. Then let go.