3pm Fri 11th October – 11am Mon 14th October 2019

The Hebden Retreat

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire


Are you ready for a deep and inspiring journey?

This is a retreat from the ‘world’ (or consensus reality,) but anything but a retreat from yourself.

In these three days we dive deep into who you are, how you keep yourself safe, how you experience other people and what it takes for you to rediscover the essence of you that you have kept hidden.

We will look at what you love, how you experience the obstacles in your life and how you create something that you previously could only dream to believe was possible.

This retreat will take you back to your heart.

“Beth’s Hebden Retreats are easily the most powerful collection of experiences I have encountered. Following both retreats I attended, I was washed with clarity and a clear flowing feeling, I felt like our groups had been guided to bathe in truth and honesty, we had been seen heard, listened to and witnessed each other. There were moments of play and delight alongside power and courage, all in a beautiful natural setting. I encourage anyone who is curious to experience this, to invest in yourself and book in!”   Kerry Bertram 

What you will experience:

Leave feeling light, refreshed, grounded and ready for anything!

Time and space to reconnect to yourself on The Hebden Retreat.

Digital detox, for us all, you won’t find us tweeting or posting on social media.

15 hours of coaching workshops throughout will go deep, really deep.

2 movement medicine sessions to restore the individual natural power and grace to your body.

Plant based food to nourish you at every meal. 

3 hour delicious raw food workshop.

3 hour nature connection workshop in the woods.

Reconnect to your natural surroundings each morning with powerful grounding meditations.

Accommodation in a gorgeous building, nestled next to the woods.

All organic, seasonal, delicious, colourful and inspiring meals, snacks and drinks included.

Plus:           A 1:1 individual coaching session after the weekend to consolidate it all.

                    Access to the secret Facebook group for your circle of women, for ever more.

Step back, reflect and breathe.

It’s time to give yourself that.

This weekend is for brilliant women wishing

to blast their self awareness to the next level.

This is a gorgeous weekend to reconnect you to nature, and restore the natural grace and power to your body.

Come and revitalise your body with incredible plant-based food made expertly by Bex Schindler from The Mindful Kitchen.

Plus hours of energising coaching. 

Truly release the ties that bind you, identify your truth from your limiting beliefs.

Reconnect to your own source of energy and to your natural surroundings.

Re-energise with nutritious food, powerful coaching and the best sort of inspiring company- yourself- no holds barred.

We shall be pouring our expertise into you so you leave with an enormous tool kit and strategies.




Workshop Leaders


Caron Doyle


A lifelong background in Classical Ballet and Martial Arts along with her training in movement analysis has lead Caron Doyle to a deep understanding of optimal human movement patterns. Subsequently she has designed her own unique movement system (CADO) which was specifically created to bring strength, structure and co-ordination to the female body, whilst maintaining grace, and balance. Read more.




Lorraine Hogg

Lorraine Hogg of Honeybee Healthy is a qualified naturopathic Nutrition Therapist and Registered Homeopath, her afternoon session on raw food will motivate you to feed yourself the best fresh food, and make lasting easy changes. We shall sample delicious alternatives to processed sweets and breads and make our own meal to share. Everyone will take away recipes and information to replicate the foods eaten over the weekend. Read more.




Your host & coach

Beth Creedon


“I have brought together some truly inspiring people, to provide an all inclusive revitalising weekend. Gorgeous food, transformational personal development, energising, groundbreaking movement practices and lots of laughs.”

Beth qualified as a professional coach in 2009, and has been on her own coaching journey since 2001. She brings years of transformational experiences, story telling and tools to enable others to find their own truth.

Watch her speaking here about her work.




Accommodation & fabulous food included.


£525.00 per person. Sharing in a room of 2.  

Please read our very short T&Cs before booking.



If you would like to join the waiting list-

please message me below.



Hebden Bridge Hostel,

West Yorkshire


How past attendees have described The Hebden Retreat:

Oh my god where do I begin!?! Great friends and support network, clarity, inspiration, courage and strength. Confidence to be me. I really feel that I have let go of lots of things this weekend. I got exactly what I needed. I came to The Hebden Retreat thinking I needed something else, but actually as soon as I arrived, I knew what I needed intuitively and got it! A warm, supportive, inspiring space where magic and transformation takes place! Beth, I love you so much! You are a natural leader, coach, motivator and counsellor. You inspire me. 

Suzie, Manchester


I gained so much! I wanted clarity and confidence for the next stage of my life and I got that. It’s helped me to feel like I’m in the right place and also feeling like I know what to do (feel) to get me to the place I want to be. Food was delicious. I’d maybe have liked more days as it was a packed schedule, but still it was perfect. Beth is amazing, inspiring and powerful, really engrossing to listen to and perceptive.  The Hebden Retreat has a relaxed and supportive environment, that is totally transformational.

Lisa, Manchester 


I have never done anything similar and certainly never devoted an entire weekend to my personal emotional wellbeing, other than spending time with good friends. It was awakening, revelatory, empowering and cathartic. There were definitely more than a few moments of magic, starting with the morning meditation and awesome smoothies. I loved the location, the cosiness and general feel of the place and the fantastic food.
Sophie, Manchester

People have been staring at me on the tube. Everyone says I’m glowing. My insides are shining out. Where do I start??!! The Hebden Retreat is an inspirational weekend that was fun, informative and mind-altering. It touched ALL the senses! Opportunity to be vulnerable and push my boundaries is a safe environment of women on an amazing path. I’m not alone. Fabulous warm, spacious, safe, simple venue with great access to the outdoors. Beth is very authentic, genuine and knows her shit. 🙂 Caring and had time for me. One of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Amarjot, London

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