22nd April 2016

Today is Earth Day


Maybe we can take the time to do one of the things we have been meaning to do for a while…

Make a stand for what we believe in.

When our outer actions reflect our inner ideals, amazing things start to happen and our minds can find calm.

We are choking the Earth with our throw away society.¬†We don’t even see the waste we create.

It goes in the bin or into the recycling, but do you know that plastic bottles can only be recycled twice? I found this out from a recycling expert 6 months ago. So consuming and sticking them into the recycling without a second thought isn’t the answer.

I have made a purchase that inspires me beyond measure every time I use it, I get a little flutter of joy in my chest, rather than the sinking guilt feeling I had every time I bought a plastic bottle of drink. Yes, I am quite an emotional creature!

I bought a Kleen Kanteen– stainless steel, wide necked, so easy to clean. Perfect for water on the go. I love it.

Find your nearest stockist. Support local businesses.

In Manchester there is Little Earth Farm.



My other recent purchase was a bamboo toothbrush.

We use our toothbrushes for just a few weeks and then they go into landfill. LOADS OF THEM. (If you change your toothbrush every 3 months, that is 4 a year, if you live for 70 years, that is 280 toothbrushes per person.)

Yes, plastic ones are cheaper, but my quality of life has improved using my new brush. Again, I feel great about the small choices I am making.


There are quite a few alternatives to be found on SaveSomeGreen, such as plastic-free washing up scrubbers etc.

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Have a wonderful day. xxx


PS. I am not on commission!