I ran a day retreat in Didsbury, Manchester in 2015, at the end of the event we had a drinking competition! We each downed a litre. Check out the video above, to see who won! Afterwards we felt amazing. We hadn’t realised how thirsty we had been. We had actually drunk a litre of water each, infused with gorgeous fruit and herbs, of course 😉 Within five minutes we both felt noticibly more alert, less tired and refreshed. Now this drinking game had started as just a laugh, but it gave us a really clear insight into what we are missing out on when we don’t drink enough water. A litre at once is extreme, but we had spent the whole day talking, only sipping a glass of water or having a cup of coffee or tea. Our bodies were crying out to be hydrated and we didn’t even notice.

Yeah, yeah. I know you ‘know all this already’, but let’s get clear about the benefits. Lorraine Hogg, our raw food expert, on our retreats, is a naturopath too, and her first pointer to all of us was GET HYDRATED.


Have you lost your joy for life? Our bodies need water to create energy, without energy we can feel lethargic and unmotivated. So drink some water and feel uplifted.

How are your bowels? Not drinking enough water can add to weight gain and sluggishness. Our digestive system needs water to help with the elimination process. So drink some water and feel less bloated.

Feeling hungry all the time? Sometimes we are thirsty, we think we are hungry, so we eat more! Have a glass of water next time you feel hungry, before reaching for the sweet or salty snacks. So drink some water and lose weight.

Find it difficult to concentrate? Our brains function at their best when hydrated. Multiple studies have revealed that people get better results in memory and speed tests when they have drunk plenty of water. So drink some water and feel cleverer!

How often have you thought to yourself?: “I’m a bit thirsty, I’ll have a glass of water in a minute.” Our bodies are doing all they can to tell you they are thirsty and we are ignoring them. Would you ignore a child or a dependent’s request for water? No. So, why not treat yourself with the same love and respect?

(Time to heed my own advice. Give me a minute, I’m just off to get myself a glass of water, right now, whilst I write this!)

I am as guilty as the next caffeine addict for drinking a lot of coffee. I feel a slump, I reach for the coffee grinder and blast myself some beans. Drinking water used to feel like a chore, not pleasurable. I helped myself with some supportive actions.

I have done a few things to get myself into hydration mode:

Bought myself a pretty hand blown glass.
Have a mug of warm lemon water first thing, before anything else.*
Drink a glass of water fifteen minutes before I eat my lunch and dinner, like a palate cleanser!
Have a pint of water next to the kitchen sink. Each time I visit the kitchen, I see the pint and have a glug, before I automatically reach to put the kettle on for my next coffee!
What do you do to remind yourself to drink water? Please leave your tips below.

* To make lemon water, add the juice of half a lemon to your mug, fill it half full with boiling water and then add a bit more cold to make it just tepid. Then drink it down quick, or sip it, it’s up to you.

So, if you are up for getting hydrated, remember this:

We are like dried out houseplants. Remember the time when you finally got around to giving your old pot plant some water, and it just streamed out the bottom. It takes a little bit of time for your kidneys to readjust to your water intake. So, increase your water intake gradually.

It is also important to remember not to over-do it too. Too much water causes an imbalance in the minerals and salts in our bodies. If you need any advice, then consult your health professional.