I once told myself I didn’t have enough time to make my own bread.

“I am busy striving to find my personal freedom, why would I ‘waste’ my time with something that I could so easily purchase, to save me time.”

Then it hit me like a ton of dough…! I was looking for presence, a peaceful mind, and a calmer, less rushed, more present experience of life. I COULD spend 10 minutes kneeding some dough every couple of days, and maybe I might quite like it!

I asked for a loaf tin for my birthday and since then I have regularly made my own bread. I take the ten minutes as a meditation, to just notice how busy my mind is…

I jump into list making and I work gently at my mind to let it go. I trust myself, that I will remember anything essential in ten minutes time.

Try this recipe, which can be made with or without sugar.