When you focus on your mindset, rather than just your outcomes, incredible things happen. We waste so much energy when we focus solely on the external successes.
Rather than constantly looking for others’ reactions to your work, focus on building trust with yourself first. None of us are short of inspired ideas, it’s just that we don’t act on them, because we edit them before they even leave our mind. We often focus on ‘what we think others will think of it,’ rather than thinking ‘how can I bring all my knowledge and creativity to this idea, so that it ‘sings’ in the world?
Spend time thinking about what your skills and experience are and concentrate on sharing them- wholeheardedly- stop editing yourself! Build on trusting yourself.
The next time you set yourself a goal/outcome, make it 100% achievable by identifying all the parts of it that YOU are responsible for. You are not responsibile for the external parts of it (ie. that involve other people doing stuff)-you working at your best does effect the world, but you cannot CONTROL the outcome. Identify what you would like to happen, and then slacken your attachment to that exact outcome. (It doesn’t mean you don’t still want that to happen, it’s just that your focus needs to be on you delivering what you can control, rather than on what others do). If you only focus on the external goal, when it isn’t happening…yet, it can negatively affect your productivity. You may feel disheartened and frustrated- that rarely produces engaging work. It is then less likely for you to achieve your external goal.
Now, set yourself your own internal goal/outcome that is directly linked to the external outcome that you want. For example: External goal-3 new investors. Internal goal- Call three contacts, send out newsletter, share the huge value of work with ten people, ask for what you want to fifty people. You are in control of your internal goals and it is much more likely that you will achieve your external goal when YOU are in action.

Here are some questions to help you get into action:
Identify your WHY. Why do you do what you do? What is the impact of it? What would happen if you didn’t do it?
Give yourself sufficient time and space to feel the outcome that you want. What would your external goal (three investors/insert your own goal) FEEL like? Feel it in your body. Meditate upon it-even allowing yourself to feel the joy of that feeling ALREADY will help you achieve it in the future. Let that feeling buoy you up, share THAT energy with the world.
Now, take action from that feeling. You are then creating a feedback loop- the more of that you put out into the world, the more of that feeling you will attract.
Trust yourself – Play Big – Feel Amazing.