I had a huge realisation last weekend whilst driving back from Wales.

I had been walking along an incredibly beautiful beach on Anglesey and fantasising about the person I would become if I moved there!

Hands up who has had those thoughts, or similar; ‘If I lived there, then I’d be the best version of myself. I’d have less distractions. It’d be easier to let go of old habits there. I’d eat more healthily and be more successful, if I lived there…’

We stopped off for a cuppa at our dear friends’ home and stayed for dinner. Then drove home. Our little one fell asleep, so we had time to chat. At this point I realised that I was stuck in my story, that I couldn’t have what I wanted right now, no matter where I live. I believed that I don’t have time to exercise, eat as healthily as I’d like, or to even serve my clients as I wish. I knew I was bored of this ‘situation,’ but it was just the way I was approaching my day. I was in a routine and couldn’t see how I could fit things into the times that I was working in, something had to change.

(To give you a little insight into my daily life- I’m rubbish at going to bed! When Alan was away on his Walk for Aoife, I went to bed before 11.30pm only once in those 4 weeks. The rest of the time I was up til way after midnight, then our 3 year old would be up at 7am. So on average I was getting just over 6 hours sleep each night. What was I doing in those evenings? Not a lot. Skyping friends, faffing, not much at all, under the guise of ‘me time’ after Rae went to bed.)

I was looking for time in my day to fit in exercise and me time. I didn’t like the prospect of going out in the evenings to exercise, because I coach some evenings and I want to keep evenings to be with Alan and our friends. In the 90 minute drive back home from Wales, I realised that the opportunity for change and nourishment was just a small stretch -out of my comfort zone- away.

My comfort zone had become my familiar waking and sleeping pattern:

Waking at 7am

Snoozing til 7.20am

Up with Rae

Working 9-5pm

Collect Rae, make and eat dinner

Put Rae to bed or work

Be on the computer/chat to Alan

Go to bed at 11.30pm

= No space made for quiet time or exercise, plenty of room for faffing.


For those of you who know me, I love a good time challenge.

In the past I have set myself number related goals-

*Be 10st 10lbs by 10/10/10

(I began in July ’10 at 12st 7lbs and reached 10st 13lbs by 10/10/10- v happy to be under 11 stone)

*No sugar, not even fruit for 2 weeks in October ’15

(which turned into no sugar for 4 weeks, with fruit added at day 15)


During both of these challenges I learnt so much about how my mind wants to talk me out of things.

All the reasons I give myself for giving up.

See Quitting List video for more on how to overcome this.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that when they set themselves a new goal that ‘this time it’ll be different’, and when they come up against an obstacle, any obstacle they find that they feel thwarted, or that they are now ‘just not that into ‘ the idea anymore, so they give up. Game over.


Any time I have followed through on my word to do something for myself, not for anyone else, I have learnt oodles about myself. I have felt better about myself, I have achieved results that I had only dreamt of. I know the burning feeling of resistance, avoidance, apathy, regret, frustration, fear, grief, anger indignancy, tiredness, lack of support, being told I was ‘wrong’, ‘over the top’, ‘asking too much’, ‘pushing myself too far’, ‘need to take a break’, ‘insert another person’s boundaries, expectations or comfort zone resistance here.

If you want something to be new/different, then try somethig new/different.

Shake yourself up a bit, learn something new about yourself today.

Living the same routine every day/week/year is not a life.

We are humans, we crave variety.

Do you give yourself what you crave?

We crave certainty and uncertainty in various proportions.  Without the other, one becomes unhealthy.

Some people crave lots of things to be the same, some people want every thing to be different. The healthy balance for you can be found.

Live the life that brings you alive.

Love yourself, spread that love for yourself to everyone and everything.

So, my lightbulb moment brought me to my plan for the next 30 days. I discovered that I could help myself sleep better, fit in exercise, eat more healthily and have more focussed time to serve my clients. The new plan required only a one hour shift to my day and a few tweaks.

Up at 6am- lemon water

6.15-6.45am Yoga with Adriene (link below)

6.45-6.55am mediatation

Smoothie for breakfast

No wifi on my phone/computer til 9am

Usual day of working etc

No wifi/computer after 9pm

Bed at 10.30pm

It is just a small shift, but it already feels like I have had a breakthrough.

I am now creating space for my body and mind to start the day, beautifully.




The 30 day yoga camp with Adriene is really really really good.

Can’t recommend it enough. Enjoy.