I am not your ordinary life coach, I have been coaching for 11 years and I am known for being direct, hilarious, loving & highly effective. I was first coached in 2001, at just 23. It blew my mind and coaching has continued to have that effect on me 19 years in.

Coaching brings clarity and a magnetic drive.

Everyone has limiting beliefs, your limiting beliefs are part of what is keeping you stuck where you are.

Most of us can’t identify our most deeply held limiting beliefs, because they masquerade as facts about ourselves, others and the world.

We buy into these thoughts and ideas and believe they are FACTS.

The great news is that, YOU are in charge of YOU, and you can change your beliefs. All we need to do is identify them. 

Once we get to know those limiting beliefs, very well, we will see them for what they are-   “B#££$+*!”   and move beyond them.

Working with me, you will get to know yourself inside out- the good, the bad, the ugly… and the flipping marvellous!! It is inevitable.

Your view of the world and yourself will change,

you won’t see it the same way again.

How I work:

I firstly invite you to have chat on the phone with me to see if we’re a good match.

The first two coaching sessions are then both 2 hours long. In these first two sessions together we create a strong understanding, rapport and plan. 

After that sessions are 90 mins long. Coaching sessions are between 2-4 weeks apart. There are two coaching packages to choose from:

  • 6 months: £3,780 
  • 12 months: £7,000

During the time of working together I will give you nearly twenty years worth of tools and techniques.

If you are ready, then contact me today to discuss how we can tailor make a coaching programme that works for you.

The investment you make with me and the self coaching skills you will develop, will last you a lifetime. 

Read client testimonial and results.

To arrange a phone conversation with me

to discuss the possibility of working together,

please use the contact form below.

Coaching with me will be a journey into yourself, to discover your drive, your fears, your motivation, and just how far you are willing to go to explore what you can achieve in your lifetime. Ready?

Between sessions there is always regular email contact, for guidance, motivation and support. I think about every client between sessions and I am co-active coach that likes to maintain contact between sessions.

I am fully insured and heed the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

This is also not therapy or counselling

You will enjoy every single session, even when we are wading through the harder stuff, to get to the other side.

Achieving what you want out of life can be a serious business, but ultimately it is about feeling purposeful, extraordinarily happy and fulfilled; joyful and free.

Ready to speak to me? Contact me today.