From Caron and her CADO movement classes you shall take home:

A regained pleasure in your own physicality.

Your own personalised power sequence.

If you are booked on to the next retreat, click on the link below and type in the password you have been given, to read more about what to expect from CADO.


Enhanced connection with your mind’s connection to the body and how we can support our heart and mind’s desire to create change with simple, yet effective movement.

Your ‘Signature Movement’ which can be performed with affirmations to further enhance its mood lifting quality.

How to improve your mood and reduce cortizol (stress) hormones in the body with ‘Power poses’.

CADO works with all levels of fitness.



CADO is specifically designed to improve mind-body awareness, it is performed in a flowing sequence as a moving meditation.

These actions improve balance strength and coordination, bringing functional stability to the moving body.