Can it really be possible that your words & thoughts can quite simply create your future? I’ve been listening to Louise L Hay’s ideas about affirmations & practicing them myself.

I hadn’t been to the dentist for 6 years & had two small problems I knew I had to sort out before too long! I’d had two little holes for at least the last couple of years & I’d been too frightened to go & get them looked at, as in the past I’d had a v bad experience at the dentist, which had caused me a lot of pain and resulted in me losing my tooth.

I created this affirmation for myself-     

“This (visit to the dentist) will be a quick & pain free.”      

I had been to my first check up & was booked in for two fillings. I got there, breathed deeply & kept saying the affirmation to myself in my mind (not outloud-over the sound of the drill!). Before my dentist got started she had a look at my teeth again and said that they were superficial holes really & how did I feel about her doing them without an injection. (!!?) Oh my goodness, I couldn’t quite believe my ears-I said that yes, we could have a go &  that I would indeed raise my hand if I felt any pain. Both fillings were done in 10 minutes & I had felt no pain.

I sat in my van afterwards & couldn’t quite believe what had just happened & it had only cost me £30.

It is amazing how serendipity works.

A couple of weekends ago,  we had gone away for the weekend & listened to the affirmation cd on the way home. We chose some prosperity affirmations & when we arrived home there were 2 cheques that had come through the post sitting there waiting for us. One we had been waiting for for a while & a larger one that we hadn’t been expecting!

I think I’m a convert. The cd we’ve been listening to is Louise L Hay’s ‘I can do it’, and no I’m not on commission!