I have always been passionate about peoples’ wellbeing. Coaching, for me is the unique way in which I can express my desire to empower others.

I have worked with hundreds of people over thousands of hours for the past eleven years.

In 2001 a 3 day intensive course blew my mind and introduced me to coaching.

Things became possible.

I found the responsibility for my life and my happiness.

I took complete control of the ‘voice inside my head’ which analysed and criticised.

I began pointing my life in a meaningful direction. My biggest breakthrough was that I really understood and ‘got it’ that I wasn’t a victim of my past or even current circumstances and experiences. I chose how I defined myself, no-one else.

At 23, I directed my passion and drive to working with the food sector. I created and lead new events. I created a successful, local festival. I even started an annual artisan market, and ‘make and bake and grow’ competition, complete with judges and gorgeous colourful rosettes as prizes! I loved what I could now create around me, with ease.

I took up Chinese kickboxing, gaining my black belt- I went beyond my perceived physical and mental limitations and became an unstoppable force!

I went on to run a very successful series of seasonal supper clubs I called ‘Wild Food Evenings’. Every night was a sold out event! 

I met my husband, Alan in 2005 and by 2007 we were married and started our first food business together, Dig Food, an organic food delivery company. This business became successful, but I still felt the call of the coaching.

In 2009 I finally went for it and trained with New U Coaching, (now Full Circle Global). I had found my place. It felt incredible. New U took me on as an associate and trained me to train other coaches, as they saw my potential straight away. I felt like I had come home! I threw myself into the work, read everything I could get my hands on and started my coaching consultancy.

Whatever you want is there within your grasp. Often all you need is that someone to share your dreams with and help you get to the YES in your life. How do you want to experience life? What do you want? Let’s look, let’s ask questions, let’s learn, let’s explore and let’s create