I buy most of my fresh fruit and veg from an ace workers’ co-op here in Manchester, called Unicorn Grocery. I worked there for 6 years (2000-6) and even met my husband there.

I need variety and to feel inspired in the kitchen, otherwise I get stuck in a ‘pasta with variations on tomato sauce’ rut.

Last week I created these babies:


Beetroot, sweetcorn and spring onion (serves 2-4)

2 tennis ball sized fresh beetroots (boiled, skinned and cut into chunks when cold)

Half a large tin of sweetcorn

5 fresh spring onions, chopped very finely

beetroot salad


Roasted cauliflower, date and banana (serves 2-4)

Roast half a large head of cauliflower, in oil at 200c for 15-20mins

Cut 2 bananas at a slight angle

Add 8 dried dates, chopped into fine slices

The juice of half a lemon squeezed over the top is fab too.

roasted cauilflower salad