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My approach- this is what we work on together:

Awareness   To live a truly great life, it’s essential to learn how to choose what we want to feel. We get clear about how you interpret the world. We discover what your blind-spots and assumptions are, that are holding you back.

The Results You Get= A clear view of those blind-spots, where you are holding yourself back. 


“​I love the way you can ask the question that leads me to deep self awareness. You quietly listen and watch…it’s the watching my body language and reading what’s going on with me that has really blown me away in a few of our most recent sessions. Naming that lack of Freedom I was feeling was powerful for me. So when I’ve had my biggest growth personally it’s when you’ve helped me to identify what the feelings are that I am sub consciously holding on to that are holding me in place, keeping me  from taking risks.” HB, California


Unflinching Honesty   I’ve never been good at toeing the line. If I see something that doesn’t match up, I make an enquiry. I ask, we delve, and we find gold. I will question things that no one else will dare to question, and I do it with compassion and integrity.

The Results You Get= Freedom from old behaviours and habits. The ability to grow and flourish.


“You’ve helped me to step back and at the same time, you’ve made me dive in to my emotions. I have dealt with my emotions, rather than ignoring them. I now connect with myself in a way that I did not believe was possible.” AP, Switzerland


Challenge   Who do you trust to tell you the truth? Even friends and family, whom you know and trust have a preconceived idea of who you are and what you can handle. As your coach I take you to new places of possibility, beyond the predictable.

The Results You Get= Achieve things you previously believed were impossible.


“Your presence, real presence, without judgment, but with honesty, kindness and relentless positivity has given me the confidence to speak my truth, to challenge my own thinking, and think outside of the box. To take risks that I’m not sure I would otherwise have taken.” CM, Yorkshire


Charisma  A charismatic person is comfortable in their own skin. You can feel it from them. Often what stops us being ourselves fully is the fear of being judged. We unknot those stories of judgment to get you comfortable in your skin.

The Results You Get= Oozing your own special brand of joyful energy.


“I felt like I discovered what I really knew I’d cared about all along and how I could really be me without letting all the silly self-limiting stuff getting in the way. I really got back in touch with feeling fully alive and the joy that that brings for me and all those around me.Beth is truly wonderful. A bright, shiny person who just radiates warmth, generosity and understanding. She is an extraordinary coach.” RS, Devon


Integrity   Do you say what you mean? We match up your inner world with your outside persona. Our minds become much nicer places to be when we get clear about who we are and what we are choosing to present to the world.

The Results You Get= Inner and outer worlds match up. Freedom from thoughts of being judged/restricted by others.


“I continue to challenge and push myself to live and experience the life that I find truly fulfilling. The best part of the experience is that your journey doesn’t end with the coaching, and that was the most valuable gift I received from Beth. You continue to challenge yourself to break through any limiting beliefs that you have and the rewards are limited only by the power of your imagination.” ND, Manchester 


Results  This is what we all want. Change. Taking action and changing our mindset are the ultimate access to results.

The Results You Get=Whatever you want them to be.


“Within the last three months of working with Beth, I have followed through with my goals and made more decisions than I have made in the preceding 18 months. She helped me realise my values and what was getting in the way of me making steps forward.” AA, London


Resources  I have tons of resources to inspire and guide you along the way. I will also encourage you to find your own resources, in order to further empower yourself.

The Results You Get= Coaching techniques that you embed. Always knowing we can ‘find a way.’


“Beth has been incredible, she has provided me with tools and strategies to coach myself so that I can seize every opportunity and live the life I choose.  The positivity I have gained from this experience has transformed my life and left me happier, stronger, healthier and sparkly.  I am grateful for this opportunity of growth and filled with excitement about the limitless opportunities that lay ahead of me. Everything is a choice” CB, Manchester


I work with individuals, groups and organisations to achieve transformational results. 

I coach using Skype/Zoom.